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Distribution Management System

SAMS - End to End Solution for Distribution Management

We actually made distribution management easy, get 360 degree real-time primary and secondary sales automation solution
SAMS - End to End Solution for Distribution Management in Pakistan

The Best Solution for Small to Enterprise
Level Distribution Houses

The Best Solution for Small to Enterprise in Pakistan

Faster ROI

Real time visibility of sales data across all channels, Reduction in inventory carrying costs and Enables production planning.
Increased Sales Visibility by SAMS-Online

Increased Sales Visibility

Plan product mix based on actual sales, Visibility and pushing channel sales, Analyze local market demands and trends.
Automated Solution in Multan

Automated Solution

SAMS is end-to-end automated sales tracking solution for multi-channel, multi-location, multi-user.

Sales Force Management

Manage sales target at sub route level.
More productive field time for sales.
Truck distributor or route performance.
More efficient utilization of manpower.
Sales Force Management System in Lahore

Promotion Management

Be up-to-date of an ongoing promotion.
Improve awareness and create demand.
Increase volume of sales.
Wizard to setup promotions
Promotion Management System in Faisalabad

Financial Management

Account Receivable
Account Payable
Bank Reconciliation & Collection
Debt Claims
Financial Management System in Karachi

Sales & Distribution (S&D) Challenges

SAMS-Online is a Distribution and secondary sale software, tackles various business challenges by automating processes, enhancing sales data visibility, optimizing inventory control, facilitating scheme management, improving collaboration with channel partners, enabling mobile access, and supporting scalability. It empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, make informed decisions, and improve sales and distribution processes.

Lack of Real-Time Information
Resistance from Distributors
Inefficient Order Processing
Suboptimal Inventory Management
Ineffective Sales Analytics
Misuse of Sales, Discount, and Scheme Data by Distributors
Reduced Competitive Advantage
Limited Scalability
Manual Data Entry

Streamline and Optimize Your Distributor Network Management!

Discover the power of SAMS Online, our advanced Distribution Management Software. Effectively manage and optimize your distributor network, streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and gain real-time visibility into sales, inventory, and performance data. Automate processes, streamline communication, and make informed decisions with our comprehensive Secondary Sales Software, driving productivity, sales effectiveness, and overall business growth.
Cloud Based
Order Booking
Auto Promotions
Advanced AI Based
Channel wise
Performance Management
Multi Location
Multi Principal
Realtime Stock & Sales
Complete Master
& Price Control
Target vs
Stock & Sales
Offline Mode &
Geo Tagging
Traditional, Modern, Trade, Key Accounts in Pakistan

Traditional, Modern, Trade, Key Accounts

  • Automate Sales process.
  • Better control on distributor sales.
  • Complete visibility of sales.
  • Maintain necessary inventory at optimum level.
  • Real time data to improve speed of market execution.

Rotate your stock faster by generating the best offers and schemes.

  • Greater sales productivity.
  • Improved win-win situation with distributors by improving their ROI.
  • Continued double digit in earnings and revenue.
  • Reduced sales skew and balanced distribution levels.
  • Reduced stock out by 50%.
  • Reduced excess inventory at distributors end by 50%.
  • Reduced excess inventory at distributors end by 50%.
  • Unified distribution process enabled for future changes alignment and complete compliance.
distribution and logistics management System in Pakistan
Android app for distribution and logistics management in Pakistan

Amplify Order Booking Performance

Boost order booking efficiency with our cutting-edge Distributor Software. Our advanced Distribution Software amplifies your order management capabilities, streamlining operations for enhanced performance and productivity.

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Sales Automation Management System (SAMS Online) helps you acquire instant and accurate data of Secondary Sales and Stocks from distributors for better decision making and strategies sales, marketing, promotion and production.
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