Revolutionize Your Distribution Operations
SAMS Online's Order Booking App

Efficiency and effectiveness are crucial in the fast-paced world of sales. With SAMS Online's Order Booking App, your sales team can unlock a new level of productivity, streamline operations, and drive greater sales success

Streamlined Order Booking Process

Streamline order booking with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, empowering swift navigation, and seamless capture of crucial order details.

Permanent Journey Plan (PJP)

Maximize sales efficiency by optimizing daily activities with predefined journey plans, aligning representatives with territories or segments, and strategically planning customer visits for streamlined market coverage

Real-time Sales Team Monitoring

Empower sales teams with real-time monitoring, tracking of locations, orders, and progress, enabling data-driven decisions for resource allocation and strategy adjustments.

Customer-based Auto Promotions

Boost customer satisfaction and sales by leveraging customer data to automatically apply targeted promotions, discounts, and upselling opportunities during order placement.
Sales Order Management System in Pakistan

Sales Order Management

Automating Sale Order Life Cycle.
Sales Automation Management System (SAMS Online) has been successfully running reputed customers all across their value chains. The manufacturers or traders can be real time connected with all the appointed distributors. SAMS Online has facilitated customers by providing smartphone app having access to real-time / off-line mode. Field force can be restricted by geo-restrictions as per the choice. SAMS Online supports & extends simplicity in complex business models.

Inventory Distribution Management

Streamline Secondary Sales and Distribution operations
Visibility of Primary & Secondary Sales has enabled companies devise strategies for timely delivery of goods to Distributors, Dealers and Retailers enabling. With Sales & Distribution Solution, SAMS Online, the stock status at every level of transaction is updated on real time with alerts & reminders for any deviation i
Inventory Distribution Management in Pakistan
Sales Order Management System in Pakistan

Promotions & Scheme Management

Driving Sales Success: Empowering Distributors with Effective Offers and Scheme Management Software
Hassle-free Promotion Management
  • Create, manage, and track various promotions seamlessly within a centralized platform
  • Set rules, eligibility criteria, and promotional durations effortlessly, tailored to your specific needs
Dynamic Scheme Creation
  • Design and implement schemes that drive customer engagement and boost sales.
  • Easily configure scheme structures, tiers, and incentives, ensuring maximum effectiveness
Personalized Offer Generation
  • Craft personalized offers for different customer segments based on their preferences and behaviors.
  • Leverage customer data to deliver targeted promotions that resonate with individual needs

Distribution Management System

Inventory Management

SAMS provides tightly integrated inventory management, normally used in higher-end operations, at affordable prices. SAMS helps businesses track and manage inventory.

Sales Routes & Planning

SAMS uses advanced Route Planning management including Outlet Proximity that helps you to make the right decisions and increase your on time delivery metrics.

Order Fulfillment & Sale Returns

Simplify the returns process and turn a negative into a positive with awesome communication and execution.

Primary Order & Billing

Automate your entire Sales order to cash flow by removing bottlenecks and optimizing processes to deliver on-time. Synchronizing Complex Processes from Order to Billing to Revenue Recognition.

Secondary Order Booking

SAMS enables an Android based Order Booking application to facilitate order bookers to take orders from their customers using Android mobile/Tablets and is available in online as well as offline versions.

Schemes & Discounts

Centrally manage and update promotions and trade offers to enhance controls & profit. Update your existing promotions / Trade Offers either for a single or for multiple channels with SAMS.

Collection & Banking

SAMS Advanced Collection & Banking Management solution helps distribution house to comply with accounting standards and report financial results in a timely manner.

Claims & Settlements

Hierarchical claims approval system enables management to know about the claim reason & its adjustment in relevant ledgers, with custom bulk uploads of claims.

Reports & Dashboards

Reporting while on the move. You can analyze your business analytics with SAMS powerful Reports & Dashboards. Rendering the right analytical data to extend business strategy & forthcoming planning.

Distribution Management Software

Trusted by more than 1500+ distributors across Pakistan, monitoring Secondary Sales and Distribution Operations

SAMS Online is a powerful distribution management software solution designed to streamline secondary sales operations for distributors and wholesalers. With its robust features and comprehensive functionality, SAMS Online empowers businesses to efficiently manage their distribution processes, optimize inventory management, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Experience the transformative capabilities of SAMS Online, the leading distributor and wholesale software solution.

Choose SAMS Online, the leading distribution management software solution, for seamless control over secondary sales and efficient management of your wholesale operations. With our comprehensive distributor software, streamline your distribution processes, optimize inventory management, and gain real-time insights for data-driven decision-making. Experience the power of SAMS Online and unlock the potential of your distribution business.

Promotions and Pricing

  • Promotional offers and discounts management
  • Pricing optimization and management
  • Easy migration from spreadsheets and other CRM systems.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-time dashboards and KPI tracking
  • Customizable reports and data visualization
  • Sales performance analysis

Mobile Access

  • Mobile app for order management
  • On-the-go reporting and analytics
  • Field sales force management

SAMS Online Gives you the Insight, Visibility and Control for primary & Secondary Sales

SAMS Online Analytics & Dashboard
SAMS Online, the cutting-edge distribution software system, seamlessly integrates with your business systems to provide real-time insights into your daily operations. From order booking to sales management and secondary sales, our solution sits on top, empowering you with actionable data to optimize your distribution processes and drive business growth. Experience the power of SAMS Online and elevate your distribution system to new height
SAMS Gives you the Insight, Visibility and Control Globally

Revolutionize Your Distribution System

  • Streamline Sales Management
  • Increase Sales Visibility
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Higher ROI
  • Lower TCO
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Salesforce Automation
Unleash SAMS-Online

Empowering Distribution Businesses with SAMS Online

Android SAMS Online In Pakistan

Accelerate Order Booking

Download the SAMS Online Order Booking App for Android and unlock the full potential of our distribution management software. Simplify your order booking process, streamline operations, and maximize sales efficiency with our user-friendly app. Experience the convenience and power of SAMS Online in the palm of your hand.

Overview of Distribution Management Software

  • What is Distribution Management Software?

    A distribution management software is a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to effectively control and optimize their distribution network. It enables streamlining of operations such as supply chain management, purchase management, sales, inventory management, accounting, returns management, order management, and promotional offers. By consolidating these functionalities into a single software, businesses can enhance efficiency, improve profitability, and achieve greater control over their distribution processes.
  • What are the benefits of using distribution management software?

    Using distribution management software offers several benefits, such as improved operational efficiency, better inventory control, enhanced order accuracy, increased visibility across the distribution network, and streamlined processes leading to cost savings.
  • Can distribution management software integrate with existing systems?

    Yes, SAMS Online is a complete distribution management software, designed to integrate with existing systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and other related software, ensuring seamless data flow and eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Does distribution management software support multiple locations?

    Yes, distribution management software typically supports multi-location functionalities, allowing businesses to manage and track inventory, sales, and orders across multiple warehouses or distribution centers.
  • Is distribution management software scalable?

    Yes, SAMS-Online, distribution management software is designed to be scalable, accommodating the growth of businesses. It can handle increased transaction volumes, additional warehouses, and expanding product catalogs, providing flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.
  • Is training and support available for distribution management software?

    Yes, SAMS Online is most reputable distribution management software in Pakistan, providing training and support on site services to assist businesses with the implementation and ongoing usage of the software
  • Can distribution management software be accessed remotely?

    SAMS Onlne is a cloud-based, allowing users to access the system remotely through web browsers or mobile applications. This enables users to manage their distribution operations from anywhere, anytime, as long as they have an internet connection.

Distributor Software

Enterprise software for traders, manufacturers and distributors of FMCG, Pharma and Cosmetics packaged products.
distribution management system software in pakistan
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