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Trusted by more than 1500+ distributors across Pakistan, monitoring Secondary Sales and Distribution Operations

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Sales Order Management System in Pakistan

Sales Order Management

Automating Sale Order Life Cycle.
Sales Automation Management System (SAMS Online) has been successfully running reputed customers all across their value chains. The manufacturers or traders can be real time connected with all the appointed distributors. SAMS Online has facilitated customers by providing smartphone app having access to real-time / off-line mode. Field force can be restricted by geo-restrictions as per the choice. SAMS Online supports & extends simplicity in complex business models.

Inventory Distribution Management

Streamline Secondary Sales and Distribution operations
Visibility of Primary & Secondary Sales has enabled companies devise strategies for timely delivery of goods to Distributors, Dealers and Retailers enabling. With Sales & Distribution Solution, SAMS Online, the stock status at every level of transaction is updated on real time with alerts & reminders for any deviation i
Inventory Distribution Management in Pakistan

Empower your Distributors

Inventory Management

SAMS provides tightly integrated inventory management, normally used in higher-end operations, at affordable prices. SAMS helps businesses track and manage inventory.

Sales Routes & Planning

SAMS uses advanced Route Planning management including Outlet Proximity that helps you to make the right decisions and increase your on time delivery metrics.

Order Fulfillment & Sale Returns

Simplify the returns process and turn a negative into a positive with awesome communication and execution.

Primary Order & Billing

Automate your entire Sales order to cash flow by removing bottlenecks and optimizing processes to deliver on-time. Synchronizing Complex Processes from Order to Billing to Revenue Recognition.

Secondary Order Booking

SAMS enables an Android based Order Booking application to facilitate order bookers to take orders from their customers using Android mobile/Tablets and is available in online as well as offline versions.

Schemes & Discounts

Centrally manage and update promotions and trade offers to enhance controls & profit. Update your existing promotions / Trade Offers either for a single or for multiple channels with SAMS.

Collection & Banking

SAMS Advanced Collection & Banking Management solution helps distribution house to comply with accounting standards and report financial results in a timely manner.

Claims & Settlements

Hierarchical claims approval system enables management to know about the claim reason & its adjustment in relevant ledgers, with custom bulk uploads of claims.

Reports & Dashboards

Reporting while on the move. You can analyze your business analytics with SAMS powerful Reports & Dashboards. Rendering the right analytical data to extend business strategy & forthcoming planning.

SAMS Online Gives you the Insight, Visibility and Control for primary & Secondary Sales

SAMS Online Analytics & Dashboard
Sits on top of your business systems to deliver real-time insight into your daily operations.
SAMS Gives you the Insight, Visibility and Control Globally

Unleash SAMS Online !!

  • Streamline Sales Management
  • Increase Sales Visibility
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Higher ROI
  • Lower TCO
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Salesforce Automation
Unleash SAMS-Online
Android SAMS Online In Pakistan

Mobile app for salesman to take orders remotely & collect payments

Improved customer service with instant stock check, delivery & issue on-spot receipts

Sales Automation Management System

Enterprise software for traders, manufacturers and distributors of FMCG, Pharma and Cosmetics packaged products.
distribution management system software in pakistan